List of technology podcasts

I’m a full believer in the term “Automobile University” that was coined by the well-known motivational speaker Zig Ziglar – the idea being that time spent in traffic can and should be used to educate oneself on a variety of subjects. As such, I have quite a few technology / IT podcasts that I subscribe to and I make sure that my audio player always has plenty of interesting episodes available in the queue.

I already shared the list below with plenty of friends and co-workers who know that I listen to a variety of podcasts so I figured I should probably just create a blog post with this information for future reference.

At the time of this post all podcasts mentioned below appear to still be active – kudos and many thanks to all these authors who keep creating solid technical content for all of us to enjoy.

In the list below I link to the actual podcast sites. If you want to actually subscribe to them you should be able to find them in the iTunes store or wherever else you grab your podcasts from. If you know of any other ones in the various categories listed below please add them in the comments.

Cloud Computing

Big Data

Databases (SQL Server)

Development (.NET, Javascript)

Infrastructure, Networking, Enterprise Tech


I should also mention the amazing list of shows / podcasts from the TWiT network. Leo Laporte and his amazing crew create some awesome content – way faster than I can possibly consume it. You’ll probably find some interesting topics there as well.

How to delete duplicate rows from a table in SQL Server

Here’s a question that probably most SQL Server DBAs or developers had to answer at some point in their career: how do you remove duplicate rows from a table? Maybe that duplicate data came in through an error in some ETL process or maybe it was an error in a front-end application that allowed end users to submit data multiple times. At any rate – the problem that caused duplicate data is now fixed and we have to cleanup the duplicates from our table. (This is also a perfect scenario / question for a SQL Server job interview because it will allow you to quickly tell how a candidate approaches SQL problems that are not exactly trivial – we’ll see why in a little bit.)

Let’s set up a table and insert some sample data into it:

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